LawPath Quick Notes landing page

Design Task: Complete a landing page design for LawPath ‘Quick Quotes’

This project was developed as a redesign of the current quick quotes landing page as part of the application process for the Digital Graphic Designer role in LawPath. I did the whole design process, starting at the Design Thinking stage, sketching and wireframes to the final high quality mockups of the desktop and mobile versions.






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Project Type

Responsive Web Design

Wireframe process / sketching

From the wireframe to the high quality mockup

The overall objective of the page is to get as many people as possible to request a ‘Quick Quote’. My main approach was focused on updating current interface to improve the User Experience in order to get more convertions in a landing page website.

Friendly interface and UX - Happy customers!

Call to actions / Friendly form

The landing page has a very specific goal of conversion. In this case the landing page, through a friendly user interface, aims to get more quick quotes using the form. The visitor fills up some necesary information to allow LawPath to find a appropriate lawyer for the costumer. The call to action button throughout the landing page is 'Get a free quote'. I tried to put more focus on it in this redesign. Also, I've created some new icons (below) specificly for this new version of the landing page.

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