Case Studies

Here you'll find some projects that I've developed in my career as a professional Graphic Designer. In these projects I've done different processes like Design Thinking and Web Development and I've had several roles as well as Art Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Designer, etc. Find out more below.

UNSW Sydney

Front End Development

I work in the International office at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) as a Digital Graphic Designer. I'm mainly dedicated to Email Direct Marketing campaigns (HTML and CSS). Also, I've done some print design projects such as brochures and marketing collaterals.

LawPath Landing page

landingpage, web design

This project was developed as a redesign of the current quick quotes landing page as part of my application for the Digital Graphic Designer role in LawPath.

Posters Collection

Artwork, print design

I worked making advertising graphic pieces for some very important events. I was part of the process to develop these art works and I was able to send a final art work for print.

Newtown App Icon

digital design, app icon

This project aims to see Newtown in a different perspective through a brand oriented for a digital devices; Newtown like a technological place.

Energy 2050


Process of civic involvement in the chilean Energetic Policy, Energy 2050. Civic dialogues about new policies for the future. It involves chilean citizens and the government.

Visit Pichilemu

Branding, Advertising

This project is born from the need of tourists to find in one site, clear, accessible and standardized information on lodging, dining and activities to do in this seaside resort.

Inside UNSW Sydney

Front End Development, EDM

Inside UNSW it's an internal space for the UNSW staff to get involved with all of the latest news, activities, events and much more about what is on at the university.

Utility Magazine

Branding, Advertising

Utility Magazine was an academic project that sought to make an architecture magazine.