Hi, I'm Gabriel Hidalgo

Digital Designer & Front-End Developer (HTML, CSS, JQuery)

I use the power of Graphic Design to apply my skills and passion. I’m a UX/UI enthusiast, my biggest goal is to help users to reach a great and memorable experience across the products that I work on. I love to get my hands dirty developing the projects behind the scenes too as a Front End Developer. My diligent work ethic and mature problem-solving process make me a great asset to any company or business.

I’m a very curious designer. I’m permanently reading books and leading companies’ blogs to be up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

I'm mainly dedicated to developing digital graphics products, from the first ideas to the final implementation. I'm also able to make print-ready marketing collaterals.

My workflow normally starts with research, and then pen and paper sketches, followed by wireframes, storyboards, and user journey maps. After I have enough information about the problem to solve I start using digital software to create low or high-quality mockups depending on the particular project under development.

I'm available for now to work on freelance projects on my free time.

If you want to get more information about me please download my CV here or in the button below. Thank you!

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Quick contact:

[+61] 0449812152